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Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an affordable, patient-centered model that provides individualized attention to meet specific health care needs. This model eliminates the insurance as the middleman and gives you direct access to your primary care provider.


Unlike a traditional primary care provider that has a patient panel greater than 2000 patients, a DPC provider typically has less than 500 patients. Maintaining a lower patient panel enables us to offer you a more personalized, attentive model of care.


This innovative healthcare model nurtures the relationship between provider and patient by offering longer visit times, giving the provider adequate time to genuinely get to know their patients. As a member, you will receive up to 1 hour with your provider, no matter the reason for the visit. No more feeling rushed with 15-to-20-minute visits!


 Instead of paying co-pays, co-insurance and high deductibles, you will pay a low monthly fee that gives you direct access to your primary care provider and in-office labs, tests and procedures. You can communicate directly with your provider via phone, text, email or video chat when you have questions or concerns!


 We look forward to providing you with an unmatched level of care!


Membership Plan Pricing

Basic $69/month:  Annual physical exam with labs. Other tests and labs are an additional fee (pricing).


Premium $99/month: Annual physical exams, routine labs and tests (in-office, Quest and LabCorp).

Benefits Included with Membership:

  • Affordable monthly membership fee

  • No co-pays, No deductibles

  • Unlimited visits

  • Annual screening labs

  • Same day or next day appointments with little to no wait

  • Access to significant discounts on lab work, medications, and radiology services

  • Yearly wellness and prevention planning

  • Home visits

  • Virtual visits 

  • Access to provider via email, text, phone

  • Care coordination with other medical specialists

Note: We are not an insurance company and therefore, do not cover specialist visits, dental, vision or emergency/hospital services. These services may be covered by your health insurance plan if you have one.

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