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Set vitamin iv fluid intravenous drop saline drip hospital room Medical Concept treatment

IV Hydration

Revive Drip $169: This drip is designed for pregnant women experiencing symptoms associated with excessive morning sickness such as fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Composition: Normal Saline, Vitamin B6, Zofran, Vitamin C

Immunity IV Drip $169: This drip is designed to help strengthen your immune system, improve healing times, and protect against infections. Composition: Normal Saline, Zinc, Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamin

Brainstorm Drip $ 169: This drip is designed to improve overall brain function, increase memory recall and certain aspects of learning. Composition: Normal Saline, Vitamin B6, Taurine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Recovery & Performance Drip $199: This drip is designed to boost metabolism and endurance, reduce muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time. This drip is ideal for athletes. Composition: Normal Saline, Vitamin C, B- Complex Vitamins, Amino Acids, Essential Blend of Minerals

Iron Infusion $250 (must provide recent labs / Hemoglobin/Hematocrit and iron profile): This infusion is for people who have iron deficiency anemia. It is a safe and effective way to combat fatigue and quickly restore your body’s iron stores if you have iron deficiency anemia.

Add-ons: Vitamin C and B-12 $25 (helps improve absorption of iron)

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