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Primary Care

As your primary care provider, we are a partner in your health, not just when you are sick. We take pride in helping you set your healthcare goals by focusing on prevention and educating our patients. We strongly believe that having a long-term, trusting relationship with your primary care provider, is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Our primary care services include annual wellness exams, women’s health services, chronic care management, and vaccinations, among many other services. We can help you manage various chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma, hyperlipidemia, and thyroid disorders. 

Coordination of Specialty Care

Our clinicians can also provide referrals to specialists when needed. Specialists have advanced education and training in specific areas of medicine, and can provide diagnostic tests and treatments in their areas of expertise. Specialties we most commonly refer to: Dermatology, ENT, Cardiology, Pulmonology.

Virtual Visits

Innovative Healthcare of Connecticut offers convenient virtual visits for our primary are patients to access care on their time. A secure, HIPAA compliant virtual platform is used to conduct virtual visits.

Insurances Accepted

Anthem BCBS, Cigna, Connecticare, Medicaid, Medicare, UnitedHealth Care

We look forward to providing you with an unmatched level of care!

* We care for patients 13 years old and older

Insurances Accepted

Membership Plan Pricing

Basic $69/month:  Annual physical exam with labs. Other tests and labs are an additional fee (pricing).


Premium $99/month: Annual physical exams, routine labs and tests (in-office, Quest and LabCorp).

Ideal for:

  • Patients without Insurance

  • Small business owners

Benefits Included with Membership:

  • Affordable monthly membership fee

  • No co-pays, No deductibles

  • Unlimited visits

  • Annual screening labs

  • Same day or next day appointments with little to no wait

  • Access to significant discounts on lab work, medications, and radiology services

  • Yearly wellness and prevention planning

  • Home visits

  • Virtual visits 

  • Access to provider via email, text, phone

  • Care coordination with other medical specialists

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an affordable, patient-centered model that provides individualized attention to meet specific health care needs. This model does not utilize insurance and gives you direct access to your primary care provider. There are no co-pays or high deductibles involved with this primary care model. Instead, you will pay a low monthly fee that gives you direct access to your primary care provider, labs, tests and procedures. 

Note: We are not an insurance company and therefore, do not cover specialist visits, dental, vision or emergency/hospital services. These services may be covered by your health insurance plan if you have one.

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